July 4 is Independence Day in USA: The one essential, exceptional, indispensible nation

Independence Day

I’m proud to be an American because we have done something no other great nation in the history of the world has done – we have used our great power not to enslave others, but to enable them.

I am proud because America is exceptional for many reasons: for our constitution, our melting pot culture, our classless society, and because we, from our earliest days, have been the world’s land of opportunity.

But it’s more than just our unique history, or geography, or resources, or system of government.

It’s more than our ethnic diversity, our melting pot culture, or the land of opportunity, or our constitution that enshrines individual liberty.

We are exceptional also because we have built into our national DNA the ability to reinvent ourselves both individually and as a society, socially as well as economically.

Written by : K.T. McFarland

Independence Day

Happy Independence to all our American readers.

Long Live United States of America

Long Live Americans

Enjoy your Day